Maritime Law

The maritime sector is at the heart of the know-how and experience developed by the firm.
He brings to his clients his expertise in matters of liability, marine insurance, regulatory, asset financing, contractual, port etc.

Liability and insurance
● Management of all litigation related to the life and operation of the ship.
● Advice and assistance in civil and criminal litigation, whether it is the general system of liability of the owner, the builder or the charterer, or special liability regimes, particularly relating to pollution.
● Advice and assistance on all issues related to the compensation of victims and insurance for all maritime activity, whether from a point of view of faculties or civil liability.
● Advice and assistance with seizures and repossession of ships and boats.
● Representation in the context of amicable or judicial appraisals.

Maritime regulations
● Compliance with environmental regulations, including marine pollution.
● Development of adequate maritime regulations including safety and security measures.
● Compliance with French, European and International maritime transport regulations.
● Advice and assistance in ship registration.
● Advice on ship recycling.
● Advice on compliance with French, European and international regulations concerning the maritime transport of passengers, as well as the transport of goods, dangerous or not.
● Advice and assistance in the activities of the oil platforms.
● Regulation on wind and marine energy activities.

Asset financing
● Assisting in the financing of ships, leasing operations, lease-back, sale of leasing portfolios and securitization of leasing portfolios, mortgage credit with fiscal leverage, in liaison with the dedicated teams within the firm.
● Accompanying our clients in setting up documentary credit, financing of means of transport.
● Assistance in the pre-acquisition audit of ships or maritime companies.
● Mortgage registration and security.

Contracts and commercial agreements
● Advice on shipbuilding and sales contracts.
● Advice on offshore and onshore maritime funds.
● Advice on pooling and management contracts.
● Consulting on contracts related to the operation of the ship: transport contracts under bill of lading, ship chartering contracts, etc.
● Advice on maritime sales contracts, drafting of Incoterms, trading contract.
● Advice and assistance in the activities of the oil platforms.
● Regulation on wind activities.
● Advice in the implementation of logistics contracts and transport commission.

Port, river and customs activity
● Accompaniment in the implementation of passenger and goods transport operations by lane.
● Advice and assistance in disputes related to customs law and relations with the authorities.
● Advice and assistance in litigation related to the public domain or the ports police.
● Assistance in the creation of cargo handling companies, shipping agents and the management of their disputes.

Transport Law

The firm has developed a particular skill and know-how in the fields of road transport and aviation, whether in the council or in litigation.

Truck transport
● Management of all disputes related to internal road transport or CMR, including those relating to related insurance.
● Advice and assistance on the transport commission.
● Drafting and analysis of transport contracts and consignment notes.

Multimodal transport
● All questions related to logistics and transport commission.

● Management of all types of litigation related to air accidents: claims for compensation, claims relating to the loss of aircraft (body) and subrogatory claims; assistance in managing the consequences of major air accidents, particularly in the context of accident investigations, coordination of multi-jurisdictional disputes.
● Advice in disputes relating to ground handling and damage to aircraft by third parties.
● Recommendation and assistance in the drafting of insurance contracts and in the management of disputes relating to the implementation of guarantees.
● Assistance with the implementation of aviation insurance and audit policies.
● Product liability consulting on behalf of many aircraft manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.
● Advice and management of pre-litigation and litigation following the bringing into play of civil liability operating aerodrome of French airports.
● Advice and assistance on aviation security.

Construction Law

Construction Law is one of the poles of the Cabinet which has developed for many years a competence in consulting and litigation related to construction operations.

Construction contracts
● Drafting and negotiation of contracts related to the design and the construction of buildings.
● Contract management.

Construction litigation
● Participation in pre-litigation and judicial expertises.
● Drafting and Analysis of mandatory policies (“dommages-ouvrage” and “décennale”).
● Non-mandatory writing and analysis of policies (“biennial”, “TRC”, professional responsibility etc).
● Works contracts.
● Negotiation and drafting of memoranda of understanding.
● Portfolio audit assignment of files relating to the liability of builders or architects.

Insurance Law

The firm has extensive insurance and reinsurance expertise in policy writing, policy analysis and litigation.

Insurance and reinsurance contracts
● Insurance contract law (life and non-life insurance).
● Insurance distribution – Insurance contracts for authorities and public administrations.
● Analysis of insurance policies: transport, “dommages-ouvrage”, “décennale”, “TRC” etc.
● Advice and assistance in font writing.
● Advice and assistance in insurance coverage.
● Drafting and analysis of reinsurance treaties.

Insurance litigation
● Management of all litigation, arbitration and litigation related to insurance and reinsurance.
● Negotiation and drafting of memoranda of understanding.
● Representation in the context of amicable or judicial expertise.
● Advice and assistance in industrial risk litigation and machine breakdown.
● Advice and assistance on all issues related to the compensation of victims and insurance covering all transport and construction activities, whether from the point of view of faculties or civil liability.